Misfuelling Advice, Tips & Prevention

Misfuelling your car or vehicle can be a costly mistake. It’s estimated that around 150,000 people put either petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol car every single year. The average cost to drain a vehicles tank of the wrong type of fuel can be between £300 – £5,000.

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Misfuelling Your Car Can Be A Costly Mistake…

This figure depends on if you’ve started the car engine or not, and what sort of damage has been caused. So you can see why it’s a mistake that you shouldn’t take lightly! Further studies show that a whopping 95% of the 150,000 people who misfuel every year are drivers of diesel cars and vehicles, who fill their car up with petrol by mistake due to the wider diesel fuel tank hole and narrow unleaded petrol pump nozzle. Other common mistakes for people misfuelling are being distracted at the petrol pump and also driving cars they are not used to, such as a hire car. Nobody is immune to it either. Celebrities such as Wayne Rooney and Philip Schofield have all been reported to have misfuelled their vehicles, and some of the major police forces around the UK have been costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds, due to officers filling up their police patrol vehicles with the wrong fuel. In fact, since 2006 the Metropolitan Police have spent over £280,000 repairing vehicles that have been damaged by being filled with the wrong fuel. AND…If you think you’re covered by your insurance, then think again. Around 30% of UK insurance companies would not pay out for an accidental misfuelling. A few insurance companies don’t specifically cover the cost of misfuelling your vehicle and causing damage to the engine due to driving off or turning the ignition on in their policies. Insurance companies who do not provide direct misfuelling cover include Direct Line and Churchill, but they WILL cover the cost under accidental damage. Other insurance companies such as Aviva have been quoted as saying that they do cover for people misfuelling. It’s best to make sure that whoever your insurance policy is with, that it covers you for misfuelling your car. If it’s not outlined specifically, then check to see if it’s covered under accidental damage. The same goes for your breakdown cover provider, as they should cover you for breaking down as a result of a misfuel.

Fitting Misfuelling Prevention Devices On Your Car

If you’re a big fan of Dragons Den, you may have seen an episode showing a company called Fuel Angel. This is a device that replaces a normal fuel filler cap on virtually every single make of diesel vehicle. The idea behind this is that it prevents the nozzle of an unleaded petrol pump from being slotted into the wide-bore neck of diesel tanks. The misfuel prevention device uses a number of adapters that allows it to fit almost every make of diesel vehicle on the road, and is estimated to fit at least 10 million different makes of diesel powered cars, vans and commercial vehicles. Currently, only new Fords and BMW diesel vehicles already come equipped with a factory fitted misfuelling device. The Fuel Angel misfuelling prevention device costs around £40-£50 to purchase. Considering that filling up with the wrong type of fuel could cost you between £300 – £5,000 along with the cost of all the lost fuel, it’s a small price to pay, and is a great way of making sure that you never misfuel again.  

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