Putting Petrol In A Diesel Car Engine

Putting petrol in our diesel cars is a mistake that often happens, especially as there are more diesel cars on the road now. A mistake that according to latest statistics happens over 150,000 times every year in the UK alone.

Putting Petrol In A Diesel Car Engine

Putting Petrol In A Diesel Car Engine…

Most new diesel cars run as quiet as petrol cars, so it’s becoming increasingly easy to mistake a diesel car for a petrol car, especially if it’s a hire vehicle or a second family car. So what can happen if you put petrol in a diesel car engine? Well, first things first, you must NOT turn on your car engine or try to drive with the wrong type of fuel. The more of the wrong fuel you pump into your system, the more damage you can cause. A Diesel fuel pump requires more lubrication than a petrol fuel pump, and diesel is a great lubricant. If you mix petrol with diesel it acts like a solvent, reducing it’s lubrication properties and causing all those metal parts inside your diesel fuel pump that come into contact with one another to wear down and get damaged more easily. Other parts of the fuel pump such as the rubber seals can also be damaged. If you start your car after filling with petrol instead of diesel, then the damage can be more costly. If the contaminated fuel reaches the injectors, filters, low and high level pumps and fuel tank, it could be possible that you will need these parts replacing too.

What Should You Do If You Put Petrol In A Diesel Car?

Firstly, do not start it or turn the ignition on. If the amount of petrol you have put in is less than 10% (5 litres in a 50 litre tank) then you may be able to fill up with diesel and drive away with no harm done. Unless your car manufacturer states otherwise. If you’ve put in more than 10% of petrol (5 litres in a 50 litre tank) then you need to have the tank drained and filled back up with diesel. Also bear in mind that if your car is still under warranty, then you should consult your dealer as their guidelines may differ from the one’s stated above. Contact Wrong Fuel Fix if you’ve put more than 5 litres of petrol in your diesel car and we will come out and drain your fuel tank, and refill you up with the correct type of fuel.

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