Wrong Fuel FAQ’s

Misfuelling used to be an unheard of problem 10 years ago, now it has become one of the most common reasons for vehicle breakdowns in the United I have put the wrong fuel in my vehicle, what do I do - Wrong Fuel in Car FixKingdom. In this article, we’ll discuss a few myths and facts, and try to provide a clear solution for any driver who has accidentally fallen prey to a misfuel problem and found themselves stranded at the roadside with a car that no longer works. As mentioned above, filling your car with the wrong type of fuel is a very common problem these days, and there are very few stats available. Misfuelling is not covered by your warranty, so nothing gets recorded by insurance and breakdown companies. Most of the time the driver isn’t aware that they’ve misfuelled so it’s reported as an unspecified fault. The only official stats we know is that there are over 150,000 cases of misfuelling every year. Source: The AA We’ve put together this frequently asked questions page to help you understand everything you need to know about misfuelling or filling your car with the wrong type of fuel. If there’s a question here we haven’t covered, please get in touch with us and we will be glad to help.

I Have Put The Wrong Fuel In My Vehicle, What Do I Do?

The main thing you need to do is make sure you don’t start your vehicle. Starting your car with the wrong type of fuel in can be catastrophic and rather costly to fix. If you’re still on the forecourt of the petrol station, then the staff will be able to assist you with pushing your vehicle somewhere safe. The next thing would be to contact a fuel drain specialist that can tend to the problem and remove the wrong fuel from your engine. Most mobile wrong fuel specialists should be able to get to your destination within 1 and a half hours.

Can I Drive The Vehicle If I’ve Misfuelled?

If you’ve put less than 5 litres of petrol or diesel in your car or vehicle, then you should be able to fill up with the correct type of fuel and drive away. There may be some smoke coming from the exhaust, but if you’ve filled the tank right up, the problem should rectify itself. If you’ve put more than 5 litres of the wrong fuel in, then DO NOT drive the vehicle under any circumstances. Doing so will contaminate your engine even more and can cause serious damage to the fuel pump and other mechanisms.

Can I Turn The Engine On If I’ve Put The Wrong Fuel In My Car?

Most of the time, people fail to notice they’ve put the wrong fuel in their vehicle UNTIL they’ve driven off. It’s only when the car starts to splutter and the engine loses power and breaks down that they realise what’s happened. If you’re lucky enough to notice straight away, then don’t turn the engine on. The moment you turn that engine on is the moment the wrong fuel is drawn into the system and further damage is caused.

I’ve Drove My Car With The Wrong Fuel In, Have I Made Things Worse?

Unfortunately the answer is yes. But it depends on a number of factors, in most modern diesel cars the ancillary equipment is strong and the engine management system will detect fuel changes quickly, so damage can be left minimal. However, even on modern diesel cars, petrol is very corrosive on ancillaries in the drivetrain designed to run on diesel. Due to this, it is critical that you act fast. That’s why calling a mobile fuel drain company has its advantages. If you called a dealer, your vehicle will most likely be standing in a garage forecourt for days on end before any work is carried out. With older diesel cars the damage will become almost instantly apparent as the vehicle breaks down and becomes harder to start. This is where the fuel pump and catalytic converter will be the main parts to get damaged. Petrol vehicles that have been filled with diesel will probably not start at all, and if you do manage to start a petrol car with diesel in the engine by mistake, it will only run for a few minutes. The older and higher mileage the vehicle is, the more damage will be caused.

How Much Will Putting Wrong Fuel in My Car Cost To Fix?

Well, it varies. There are three different options that you can choose, which will give you a rough estimate on the cost. Firstly, you can call a wrong fuel specialist and have A mobile fuel drain at the roadside. This option has the advantage of being low cost, and offers fast removal of the contaminated fuel, which prevents more damage. Cost: £150 – £300 A recovery to a local dealer and a fuel drain. This option gives more scope to handle any problems due to the vehicle not starting, but the downside is the contaminated fuel sits longer in the vehicle, causing even more damage. There will also be a recovery cost that is not included in the price. Cost: £300 – £400 A recovery of your vehicle to the main dealer under the warranty. This option will give you complete peace of mind, as all the equipment that is associated with fuel storage and delivery is replaced. Downside is obviously the cost and length of time you will be without a vehicle. Cost: £2,000 – £10,000 So, as you can see from the prices above, a mobile fuel drain specialists is the cheapest option for you, and allows the wrong fuel to be removed quickly, thus minimizing the damage it causes.

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